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Tarmac driveways have long been a staple of the Great British driveway and for good reason. Here in the UK, we love tarmac driveways because they are easy to maintain and look pleasant on the eye for the homeowner. There are many reasons to choose a tarmac driveway in 2022 and even though the rise of resin driveways in Rugby are becoming more and more popular, there is still a place for tarmac and asphalt driveways for the Rugby homeowners.

tarmac driveway

Why Choose A Tarmac Driveway?

  • Low maintenance, your tarmac driveway will only need a jet wash every 6 months to keep it clean.
  • Durable, tarmac is very hard wearing and perfect for the English weather.
  • Permeable – this means the rain water can run off and will cause puddles or flooding to other parts of your garden area.
  • Cost effective – a good quality tarmac driveway will last a lifetime and you’ll never need to upgrade at all, unless you want to change to resin or another driveway type.
  • Tarmac driveways are easy to install and won’t take long over block paving or other driveway methods. This means less time on site.

Also a lot of people don’t know that red tarmac is an option, you don’t have to have standard black but a red tarmac driveway with a block paving edging will add value and kerb appeal to your Rugby home.

So, if you are choosing a new driveway this spring summer of 2022, then think about the positives of a tarmac driveway, you’ll never be disappointed and if you live in the Rugby area then why not get a free quote today, we offer free site surveys and no payment upfront and no payment until you are satisfied with our work.


Tag Archive for: tarmac