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If you’re looking for a new driveway to implement in 2022, you might consider a resin-bound driveway. Thanks to recent developments in the industry, resin-bound options have never been more popular, and this means that you can use them to great effect in your space. Let’s take a look at what resin-bound driveways can do for you in 2022.

Why Choose Resin-Bound Driveways?

So, let’s talk about what resin-bound surfacing can do for you, and how it benefits you. Obviously, resin-bound surfaces are a tough, durable choice. Not only are they hard-wearing, but they also look like a warmer, stony appearance. What happens usually is that clear resin is taken, washed naturally, and then mixed in with dried aggregate. What we get then is a mix, which is smoothed and put over an existing solid base layer. Typically, this will be something like concrete or asphalt.

The base layer is what makes the resin-bound mixture as strong as it is. The reason we go in for a resin-bound driveway at all is because in addition to now being tough and durable, it looks fantastic and offers a highly attractive finishing design. The design can offer a high level of functionality which is helpful. If you’re looking for a driveway which matches the property more closely, then you go in for something like resin-bound paving options.

Resin-bound driveways can help in this situation because you can use them to customise the colours of the aggregate, as well as the texture that comes from it. A resin-bound design is easy to mix and match which does make it a good choice for anybody who wants to try and match up their aesthetic.

The reason for this is that an aggregate mixture is functionally just a collection of stones and gravel. This design helps a lot because you’re free to swap around the different materials that are in use and then use these to have different colours, textures and surfaces.

The Benefits of Resin-Bound Driveways

 The great thing about resin-bound driveways is that they have a lot of benefits. People choose them all the time because they can do so much.

For example, a good benefit of a resin-bound driveway is that it has an open matrix. The open matrix is part of the design, and means that it is highly porous. This design can help a lot with decreasing levels of ponding, and helps a lot to promote an easier runoff for liquids.

Resin-bound driveways are good for trees that are planted beneath the surface of it, because it has this porous nature. The water is a lot better poised to reach the roots without having to introduce any loose gravel into the equation.

The design of resin also makes it a good choice for a lot of situations owing to the high porosity. When water gets into the crack between a driveway, and then freezes overnight, it forces the crack to expand, which then fills up with more water, and then expands even further the next time.

This is called a freeze and thaw cycle, and because resin-bound driveways are designed the way they are, the amount of damage that is done by the cycle is less.

A great thing about resin that you should be aware of is that it is UV stable. This means that it won’t be damaged by the sun or start to break down under intense heat. It’s a good choice for the summer months because of this. A great thing about the resin-bound driveway is that it is adaptable. Because there are so many different sizes, colours, and shapes available, it’s easy to pick and choose what will work best for you. You’ve got a major range of options, so you’re free to explore whatever will do you best. Another strong point about this kind of driveway is that you can do it with absolutely no joins involved.

resin driveway completed Rugby

This means that you can freely customise the shape to suit the situation, so even if you have a bit of an awkward space, you can still fill it out properly, make it look nice, and actively contribute to your property in a positive way. Finally, the good thing about a gravel mix is that it has a very good grip. There are some types of driveway that are trip hazards and slip hazards because they don’t have great grip. Being able to protect against something like that it’s good for all the people, who just want a nice driveway without the risk of slipping over in wet conditions.


Final Thoughts

 When it comes to things like resin-bound driveways, they can be useful for getting a wide range of options. You’ve got a lot of variations at your disposal which is good, but you’ll need to experiment to get the ideal choices.

Resin-bound driveways are a good way to experiment and match the aesthetic of your home, but you’ll need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

It’s easy to see why resin is such a good choice for your experiences. It is adaptable, tough and built to last. When searching for the ideal option for the driveway, resin is probably one of the clear choices.

It’s definitely important to experiment with what resin can do for your driveway, because there are plenty of options to pick from.

As a material, this is highly adaptable, flexible, and fits pretty much everywhere. Because you can change how it looks to suit your specific needs, you definitely have a material that will work.

It’s important to remember that the strength of resin primarily comes from the fact that it is put down over a hard surface. If you try and put it down somewhere else, you may not get the benefits you want. Keep that in mind and you’ll definitely flourish – there’s a lot about this which is great but it is up to you to experiment with what’s on offer to succeed.

If you are thinking of a resin driveway in your Rugby home then why not speak to the team here at Direct Driveways Rugby for a free quote today.




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